2009 Old Boys Weekend (Fri/Sat)

Following the events of 2008 Old Boys, everyone wondered how this year would compare – would there be any cricket helmet or poo related mishaps? Fortunately, no ambulances were called this year and we all ended the weekend very much on a high note.
Much of this year’s write up has been provided by Tim Curtis – many thanks. I, of course, have tweaked one or two bits either based on my own memories or those of Small Paul’s. As ever, feel free to feedback if there’s anything else we should include.

Here we go again…

Friday, 1st May pm

Tim’s recollection –

Once again the regulars appeared in Bangor during the mid afternoon-early evening with various B&B’s and campsite’s realising they should have closed as the OLD BOYS were back again on the scene.

I arrived in Bangor first after pulling the yearly sicky and got picked up by Gaz, Dave Megson and Mike who had been on a long road trip from Manchester to Brum and up to Bangor. They came steaming down the road with ‘Umm Bop’ playing loud and Bus wankers being shouted at every opportunity.

Angels hosted the first beer of the weekend due to a number of the lads staying there and it being the old sponsor of the footy club during my time in Uni.
We then made our way to The Menai to meet up with Tommy Hoppitt (BV3 legend!), Schlong and McTavish. Meeting up with these boys was an emotional affair as the last time I had seen Craig was after the BV incident, which had left Tommy in hospital the year before. It was at this point it became evident that the previous year’s incident had affected the boys as they were joined by Mrs McTavish and Mrs Hoppitt. On doing a pant check they both dashed like school boys to the toilets before returning with their pants stuffed in the backs of trousers to pretend they were wearing them (this is School boy error lads – you should be ashamed! -Tryf). Jimmy Hill also made this fatal error arriving through the door to be greeted by us running towards him and immediately putting his pants over his head!

As per usual, we made a visit to Racals  before making our way down Time hill to Amser where many old faces began to appear throughout out the evening (including the return of Johnny O’Brien and John McGlade – fantastic! -Tryf).

Much of Time was a blur, but at the end of the night Dave Megson was unable to wake Gaz, Mike and Jimmy in Angels for a session with a girl he claims to have been up for a threesome. In the end, desperate for a shag, Dave and the young lady went to the Travel lodge and he was forced to pay £60 a night stay! (that’s an expensive shag Dave, and I hear she wasn’t of the best standard!?!)

Saturday am

Tim’s story –

A morning lie in with regular Pro Evo matches started the day nice and quietly. Schlong, Craig and Tommy all went off to Bangor City to watch a dire local cup final whilst regular Saturday afternoon Red Arse headers and volleys football by the swimming pool was duly played with great commitment and team goals.

Meanwhile, Tryf’s story begins…..

Having texted Phil, Jonesy, Phillips and as many others as I could (like an over-excited child at Christmas), I packed the car and set off for Bangor – bliss. Only one stop was required along the way – Llandudno for T-Shirts. Having picked them up, I was back on the road with only one thing in mind – the need to catch up! When I arrived, I made my way to the football pitch by the swimming pool to see some of the lads. Walking past the bowling green, I noticed the familiar T-Shirts from last year’s Old Boys – yes, the horrific Orange ones. I mean, who else would be wearing them! As it turns out, a local bowls team do and having nearly embarrassed myself by walking onto the bowling green, I realised it wasn’t the lads and continued walking towards the pitch. It was then that I saw another familiar site, as the lads were playing Red Arse. Dave Megson rolled back the years with a stunning volley from 30 yards that blistered over the bar and dented a car 5 feet away from me – welcome to Bangor. With the paint work cracking, we decided to leave and made our way to the car, the boys eager to claim their T-Shirts.
This year, Mike Williams had suggested a Brazilian theme for the T-Shirts, which was a great suggestion. Everyone would parade around in their yellow and green t-shirts with their nickname and Brazilian name on display. A full list of the names can be seen below, from which you’ll notice Jimmy Hill’s laughter was short-lived, thanks to Dave’s choice of nickname!

Brazilian nicknames Brazilian nicknames2

Saturday pm

Tim’s story –

Everyone went off their own way to shower and shave ready for the evening. I turned up at Angels to meet the lads to find shaving was not as I had expected! Dave and Mike were embarking with the hair shaver and marker pens creating the newest members of the football club on their penis’ (Nwankwo and Herbert) The rest of us were sworn to secrecy before evening pant check had been done.

Tryf’s story –

Having no idea anyone was creating cock-art, I joined Tommy Hoppitt and his lady in the Menai (via Treborth pick-up). One of the BV3, Tommy was visibly scarred by his experience in 2008, and seemed much quieter but still insisted on drinking some wife-beater. Kev Lowday then arrived before we were greeted by some real old boys – Pete Wrigley with Dave and Martin in tow – this was going to be a long weekend. The familiar faces then emerged and everyone lined their stomachs with some food in preparation for the night ahead. Of course, I was delighted to then see John O’brien, who declared “fuck the food, give me wee-tea”! It was good to have him back.

Sunday, 3rd May am

The morning game had been arranged by McTavish in Main Bar/Jocks on the Saturday night for a 10:45am kick off on the Ffridd pitches so we didn’t really have a clue about how many students were going to turn up for a match. In fairness, the 1st team manager was able to drag 9 lads out of bed and get kitted out in time for kick off. Knowing that traditions die hard, and nothing had been arranged in advance, Mctavish made his way to Treborth to meet the Old Stars and let them know that a match was arranged, but on the Fridd pitches instead. They weren’t best pleased, but were thankful for a game.

When the Old Stars arrived, it became evident the past few years have taken their toll and they had only 11 players – just a couple of years ago they turned up in enough numbers to field 2 teams for the Old Stars match. So, it was up to a number of Old Boys to make the transition to Old Stars, following Jon Phillips’ defection last year. This time around Tryf, Jonesy, Gaz Mohican, John O’Brien, Johnny McGlade and Daf Beech (I think that was it!) joined Phillips and a couple of Old Stars to ensure a 9-a-side match could be contested.

On the other pitch, the noticeable absence of Mickey D and Small Paul due to a “dodgy kebab” meant that a second 9-a-side game would commence.

Both games were closely fought, with the younger Old Stars edging a penalty shoot-out after a 4-4 draw (but for some dodgy refereeing decisions, it would have been much more convincing) and the Old Boys running out 3-1 winners over the students to reclaim the shield!!! Although there were one or two complaints that they had 11 players, when Nwankwo and Herbert were revealed midway through the match!

It’s worth pointing out at this point that this year’s Old Boys will probably be remembered for having the most hung over people ever seen, which resulted in the early afternoon of Sunday being a bit of a quiet and dull affair. I guess recent Bangor Old Boys aren’t made of the stuff of old – Wrigley, Martin and Dave were out at 11 on the wine in Fat Cat, I believe.

Sunday, 3rd May pm

After showering, a number of the lads lazily made their way to Paddies to watch the  football, which turned into a bit of a comedy as Liverpool strolled to a 3-0 win over Newcastle. When enough of the lads had arrived, everyone made their way to The Menai for food, but we then found out that, incredibly, none of the pubs served food after 3 on a Sunday – so we took our business elsewhere!

The Old Glan / Yellow pub was our destination and initially a number of pale faces sat to eat some food.

Once finished, we managed to lift the spirits with a game of Coin-Stack Killer. As usual, Dave Megson played the clown and chose to pick up a 4 pint jug when being told to down his pint. Unfazed, Dave took the easy option and necked the contents of the jug, which was at least 1/2 full.

Having started to liven up, the group then headed up to Upper Bangor, and ultimately the Belle Vue. Initially there was a strange atmosphere, following last year’s events, but the lads picked up the courage to go outside to the beer garden. It was decided Father Abrahams would not be performed on the roof this year, but instead a rendition was performed in honour of the event at ground level. Not content with shameful nudity, some of the lads chose to snort various things! With mustard in the nostrils and a sense of satisfaction that Father Abrahams had been performed (I’ve never seen a group of lads so desparate to get naked in public), everyone made their way back inside to relax a little and enjoy a beer or two…..or so they thought!

Back inside, Pete Wrigley, Martin and Dave had arrived, and former Chairman Pete, buoyed by Rosé, was in the mood for some fun. Unhappy that the rugby girls had clearly shown up the group with their far superior rendition of Old Girls songs, Sunshine Mountain began, which would mean only one thing – more Father Abrahams. In true Sunshine tradition, the Old Boys were made to stand on the stools and tables one by one (I know what you’re thinking – disaster on the cards). When everyone was up, some rugby Old Girls decided to join. Sensing a challenge, Pete started those famous words….”Father Abrahams..”. Initially, the girls sang along, blissfully unaware of what was to come. However, when clothes were removed, they became a little more shy and one by one sloped off to their own group, followed by chants of “Lesbians..” – childish but funny. Undeterred, the lads continued the song to its end, with some humiliation of Tiny Tim along the way, and a very smug set of Old Boys left to head to Paddy’s for the karaoke.

Paddy’s was the usual mess, with the lads singing along to every single song as though their lives depended on it. Paddy was his usual drunken, hairy self and some of the lads decided a clothes-swap with some girls was the best remedy. By the end, we were all kicked out to allow the bar to close and everyone said their sad, drunken goodbyes – Small Paul, Ade Malone, Phil, Mickey et al headed back to the Pink Palace, Nwankwo and Herbert probably back to a field and Jonesy, Gaz and Phillips went to Late Stop for food and porn. Some things will never change!

And then there’s the Monday morning. Always a flat feeling, wishing it was the Friday all over again, hating the fact you won’t see the lads for maybe another year, but happy in the knowledge the when we all return in 2010, it will be as if nothing has changed at all.

In the words of Adrian Malone – “Live the dream…..”

Many thanks to Tim Curtis for his contribution this year, was invaluable as I don’t remember that much!

One thing that will change next year is that I will no longer be your Mr Chairman. Yes, I will be there as always, but after almost a decade (!) it must be time for someone younger to take the mantle. Surely. I’ve always enjoyed getting everyone and usually myself ridiculously drunk, and I thank everyone who has actually listened to my drivel during a game of 21 or coin stack killer, but now is the time for someone else to take charge. In truth, I tried to play a low profile this year, in the hope someone would emerge as a candidate, but there was no clear leader. Therefore, next year we will devise a plan for electing a new Chairman – watch this space!